To the home of the Midwest Country Music Association’s “2018 Songwriter Of The Year” award winner and “2018 Maverick Award” winner. America's #1 Daredevil Country Duo, Poppa Bear Norton!  This Minnesota based high octane, country western, two man, musical marvel takes all the humor, sorrow, self-deprecation, and story telling that once made country music great, then carefully, but not to carefully add some trucker speed, black coffee, and rocket fuel to the mix. Shake it up, light a match and you wind up with the musically explosive, highly entertaining, original "Daredevil Country" sound, a style of country that can only be preformed by true "Country Daredevils" and that's just what Poppa Bear "The Singer" and B. "The Slinger" are. That's right folks Poppa Bear Norton is America's #1 Daredevil Country Duo, a one of a kind country music act, performing fun and heartfelt music in a genuine and sincere way that will have you lauging out loud one minute and crying in your beer the next! 

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